School of medicine

Richard Hubbard


Richard Hubbard, a student pursuing his M.D. in the VCU School of Medicine, considers medicine more of a calling than a profession. Spending a summer abroad in Bangladesh, where he witnessed poverty and a lack of medical resources, inspired him to pursue medicine. Additionally, his father and uncle, both VCU alumni, shared insight into how the university could offer him opportunities to provide medical care in less fortunate areas of the world.

As a medical student, Richard established the Basic Needs Program, an orphanage and primary school in

Bangladesh, which will become a federally recognized charity in December 2012. In recognition of his efforts, he received the Medical Society of Virginia Student Service Award, a highly competitive, statewide honor. Richard has leveraged this exposure for his program and attracted diverse and energetic members of the VCU community to support and further his goal of positively impacting global health.