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Victor Haskins

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Victor Haskins first discovered VCU in the ninth grade when he attended the university’s Festival of the Winds and Percussion. There, Victor met VCU professor Rex Richardson, who became his mentor and instructor during his remaining high school years. Even at that age, Victor’s musical interests were passionate and diverse. When it came time to choose a college, Victor chose VCU and joined an artistic community that encourages him to develop his wide-ranging musical talents, from classical to jazz. His professors, also performers, mentor and challenge him to excel at his art and reach his goal.

Victor hones his craft outside the studio by tapping into the Richmond music scene, playing on a professional scale at small clubs and community concerts. As a polished performer, he was selected as one of two special guests to teach and perform at the first-ever Izmir International Jazz Camp, held in July 2012 in Turkey.

VCU inspires students like Victor to think bigger, so they are equipped to turn their passion into a fulfilling profession.